GWINN TAURIAINEN PLLC – Lawyers for when you want it done right


Lawyers for when you want it done right

About you and us:

You:                                        You:                                        You:                                  You:

Have a legal issue                 Need a good lawyer             Want it done right             Value your time and money


We:                                         We:                                         We:                                     We:

Understand your issue        Are good lawyers                 Want it done right              Value your time and money


Us:          your legal issue is resolved

We’re redefining lawyering. Our goal is to resolve your legal issue quickly and effectively at a reasonable cost. Whether what you’re facing is adversarial or you want to create or update an estate or business plan, it’s something you know you need to address – sooner rather than later. You want your issue remedied. Contact us. With GWINN TAURIAINEN PLLC, you will speak with an attorney about your case or issue every time. We don’t delegate your important legal matter to law clerks, secretaries, or legal assistants. Your issue is important so we will return your message promptly. We are accessible by email, cellular phone, office phone, text messages, or in person at your place of work or ours. We’ll travel to you if that’s what you need. We offer aggressive advocacy, insightful legal counseling, and a determination to match your goal to ours – a satisfactory outcome.

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