Ask The Lawyer, By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq.

Dan-Gwin-new-photo-150x150This week’s question: Does a parent have to pay college expenses?

QUESTION: My husband and I have are going through a divorce. We have two kids who are under 18 and one who is in college. We always agreed that we would pay for our kid’s undergraduate expenses, but now my husband says once we get divorced, he won’t pay any more college expenses. Can the court require him to pay for the college expenses for my children?

ANSWER: In Michigan, the general answer is no. If your case goes to trial and the judge determines the provisions of your divorce, the judge will not order either parent to pay for your child’s college expenses. However, if you and your husband reach a settlement, agree to pay some or all of your child’s college expenses and you put provisions in your Judgment of Divorce regarding the terms of that agreement, the Court can enforce the provision if in the future your husband does not pay.

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