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We protect client confidentiality so we can’t use names in some cases. If your research requires you to have a personal recommendation from a former client, please contact us.

  • I would highly recommend Attorney Daniel Gwinn. Frankly, I would never want Dan opposite me on a case. Daniel was willing to meet with me and took great interest in my case when I had been given a “wait and see” approach by other law firms. He guided me through a very difficult and emotionally charged situation when I was almost ready to give up. The outcome of my case was extremely positive and more than I had expected. I attribute that result to Daniel’s tenacity, knowledge and professionalism. Daniel is a friend that I respect and trust and continue to consult him on personal and professional matters. Frances DeLucia, Art Director/Art Buyer/Project Management.
  • Dan devised a brilliant strategy that led to resolution of our case. Very effectively! Reichelle Tucker, Professional & Personal Development Trainer; Grant Writing Expert; Hearing Loss Consultant.
  • I wanted to thank you for recommending Attorney Daniel Gwinn. Dan is a sharp attorney that is knowledgeable, thorough, straightforward, and honest. As Dan worked this case, I trusted him and knew he would do what is right and in our best interest. He took the time necessary to explain things and gave us appropriate time to explain our position. Finally, when it came time to attend depositions and be deposed, Dan prepared me well.
  • He is the best! His information is totally and completely relevant to my job and helps me to have confidence in what I do.
  •  He is a fantastic trainer and I can tell he’s an even better attorney. I wouldn’t want to be up against him in a courtroom!
  • You don’t have to make Dan Gwinn’s training mandatory anymore. I’ll go to any training he’s presenting at. That man can make me drive 5 hours to get to one of his trainings!
  • Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in at the end of your [estate planning] class last week at Mott. Even with my impromptu interruption you never missed a beat! You have great teaching skills and an engaging audience presence! Addressing the students by name, using examples of situations they are familiar with to explain unfamiliar subjects, and interjecting humor where appropriate are all simple and useful teaching skills that many long-time educators never seem to develop. You have inspired me in just under half an hour to get my own house in order!

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